New Year, Better Me

Talk about a rollercoaster year 2017 was. From love to heartbreak, from uncertainty to confidence. If I had to use one word to describe this past year, it would be, without a doubt growth. I’ve learned patience is key, comparison can be evil, knowing what your worth is, and most importantly everything happens for a reason.

Started off the year with a bang, being apart of the top 4 for the Breakthrough Country Music Project. The competition really put me in perspective of where I stood with my music at the time. It helped me further discover myself and learn how to dig deeper in what I wanted to represent as an artist.

I’ve got to work with so many amazing musicians, and collabed with wonderful people in recording, songwriting, branding and photography.  Played some great shows at The Calgary Stampede, Sunfest, many different and fun rodeos and fairs like the Cloverdale Rodeo. Then headed to Toronto for the first time to discover a new city, new music, get together and work with some of my favorite songwriters, and played a few shows there as well. (And let’s not forget how much I loved every taco restaurant in Toronto there was.)

As the yearly awards show for the BC Country Music Association rolled around, I had excitingly been a second ballot nominee for Female Artist of the Year, which was an awesome first! Crazy going from being the trophy girl a that awards show 6 years ago, to where I am today.

Moving forward to this year…I said goodbye to my hometown Abbotsford, I’m finally all settled and moved in to my very first place in Vancouver!  It’s been a long time coming to make this move, and i’m still pinching myself that I now live in such a lively city. My views are now tall buildings and the ocean, instead of farm roads and barn parties. I couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter!

I really want to ensure to everyone that music from me will eventually be recorded and released. Timing is everything, and for right now I’m sculpting my sound to make it the best it can possibly be! I want to be able to share music with you that is honest to who I am as an artist and what I stand for. Trust me, with what I’ve got mixin’, it will be worth the wait. I’ve got some fun live shows lined up for this year, and I can’t wait to see you at them! Stay tuned on my social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and my website for sneak peaks of new music and updates.