“Ladies Of Country” – January 2018 Songwriters Round

2018 is going to be a huge year for the girls!

January 5th, the first show of the year, really highlighted how the tables are turning in support of the women in music today. Presented by Live Agency (Christian Aldred) and hosted at The Railway Stage and Beer Cafe in Vancouver; Ajaye Jardine, The Heels, Emily Taylor Adams and myself, came together to play a powerful writers round. Each artist and songwriter was truly amazing from the songs, the heart and soul.

A few months ago I was casually writing and signing in my living room. I had thought to myself how there are so many songs that I rarely get the chance to perform. Additionally, It’s becoming a bit more challenging to keep the live music scene alive. So, I figured if I wasn’t going to be getting booked shows, I’ll just make up the shows and start organizing them myself.

I really wanted to create a platform that showcases how amazing our female, country, voices are. We’ve been hiding in the shadows the last few years, and it’s time to come out! As much as I love and respect the amazing, talented, gentlemen in the country music scene, the ladies are just as special and deserve to get equivalent opportunities and support.

The evening of the show was very special. It really showed what family, love, a great community, and wonderful music is all about! With a notable, and excited crowd, the first segment of the “Ladies of Country” was a huge success! I’m excited about making this event a regular occurring event.

Thank you to those who came out to the show, the artists, Live Agency, all the staff at The Railway Stage & Beer Cafe!